Membership Form

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  • Encourage the formation of, and membership in, organizations interested in genealogy and history;
  • Promote the collection, preservation and dissemination of genealogical knowledge and information;
  • Inform member organizations of projects and activities of mutual interest to avoid duplication of efforts;
  • Uphold genealogical standards by disseminating information about ethical practices to member organizations;
  • Keep member organizations informed of current legislation and agency projects regarding access and preservation of records;
  • Assist and encourage member societies in their operation.

Membership Benefits

Individual Membership

Although membership is generally through a member society, individual membership in the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies is available as a non-voting Associate.

CCGS offers no research services nor does it maintain a library.

Society Membership


  • IF . . . you are just becoming interested in tracing your family ancestry and are overwhelmed about how to begin ...
  • IF . . . you are new to Colorado and your community and are interested in pursuing research ...
  • IF . . . you want to save the time, money, and frustration often associated with familiarizing yourself with a state's numerous libraries, archives and repositories ...
  • IF . . . you seek motivation and direction in your research ...
  • THEN . . . the Council encourages you to join one of the genealogical societies in Colorado, of which most are Council members.


    These societies serve their communities by:
    • meeting with and bringing together people who share a common interest in genealogy; providing "how-to" classes and workshops;
    • offering prominent knowledgeable local and national speakers and programs;
    • keeping membership informed on local and national news, methodology, resources and events;
    • locating, indexing, publishing, and preserving public and private genealogical records specific to the county or geographic area they serve or the ethnic group they represent.