Speakers Bureau and Directory

Speakers Bureau Directory, updated 1 January 2018 (PDF)


The Speakers Bureau Directory features the names of speakers historically solicited for past Council Speakers Bureau Directories, as well as from member and non-member societies of the Council. Pertinent information regarding their expertise, credentials, lecture topics, and fees is included. The stand alone Directory will be updated approximately every six (6) months (early May and early November of each year) and supports information categories which are intended to facilitate the Society Program Chairmen in finding a qualified lecturer. Those items left blank were not addressed by the speaker.

Descriptions of Directory Categories:

  • Contact Information may include name, address, phone number, and any applicable email address or personal/business website,
  • Credentials may include educational background and/or professional post-nominals, certifications, accreditations, awards, experience, and other qualifications that lend credibility to a speaker.
  • Presentation Titles with short description of topics.
  • Travel Restrictions relate to whether or not a speaker accepts only local engagements or will travel; weather conditions affecting acceptance; or whether day, night, or either is preferred.
  • Audio Visual equipment which the Society may need to provide for the speakerís presentation
  • Other Comments includes additional information to help determine extent of speakers' knowledge and experience, or for further clarification.
  • Fees are for single lectures, unless otherwise indicated.

Each lecture should be negotiated between a speaker and the interested society. Contracts by either the speaker or the society may be executed, and adequate communication between a speaker and a society is essential.

It is recommended that the following general guidelines be considered:

  1. Societies should contact speakers well in advance of desired presentation.
  2. Arrangements for A/V equipment required by speaker should be made.
  3. In a timely manner, societies should solicit handouts from speaker and make copies for distribution to the membership.
  4. When a fee is required, society should compensate speakers on the day of their presentation.

If you become aware of speaker information which needs updating, feel free to contact Harry Ross at harryglennross@gmail.com.