David S. Vogels Award and its Recipients

The Awards Committee is responsible for implementing the procedure for the recognition of persons in Colorado who have given outstanding service to the genealogical community.

The Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies (CCGS) established the Memorial Hall of Fame-David S. Vogels Award to recognize persons in Colorado who have given outstanding service to the genealogical community of Colorado as a whole. The award is presented annually at the January Meeting of CCGS. A plaque with names of the recipients is on display at the Western History/Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library. The committee also encourages Council members to recognize the service and work of local individuals with awards and has the goal of publishing their accomplishments in the Council media.



Criteria for Election to the Memorial Hall of Fame

  1. The nominee must have been deceased for at least 2 years prior to the nomination deadline.
  2. The nominee must have significantly contributed to the field of genealogy in Colorado in a way that is unique, pioneering or exemplary. The contributions may include but are not limited to the following:
    1. Authored books and/or other periodical material that added significantly to the published work relating to Colorado genealogy.
    2. Participated in projects making Colorado genealogical source records available to the public by preserving, transcribing, translating, abstracting, indexing, and/or publishing such records.
    3. Shared Colorado genealogical information and research methods and sources by teaching, lecturing and/or publishing educational materials.
    4. Contributed time, labor and leadership to a Colorado genealogical or historical organization/periodical.
    5. Contributed to Colorado legislation benefiting Colorado genealogy.
    6. Contributed to Colorado genealogy by organizing a society, oral history program or other similar endeavors.

Nominating Procedures


A genealogical society, similar organization or an individual may submit a nomination to the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies Memorial Hall of Fame Committee. The submitter is asked to include a completed nomination form, an obituary, a photograph if possible, of the nominee and the name and address of a relative or an associate willing to take part in the presentation. The number of awards given is left to the discretion of the committee. The committee may choose to award honorable mention certificates to an individual whose contribution to the local community is outstanding.

Nominations will be accepted between Oct. 1 and Dec. 1 each year. Please send nominations to the Vogels Award Committee, Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies, P.O. Box 40270, Denver, Co 80204-0270.


Download a Memorial Hall of Fame - David S. Vogels Award Nomination Form (PDF)


Previous Recipients

1990 - David S. Vogels, Jr.(1925-1988)

1992 - Henrietta Bromwell (1858-1946)

1994 - Adelaide French (1878-1974)

1996 - Quantrille D. McClung (1890-1985)

1996 - Sanford Charles Gladden (1902-1992)

1998 - Alfred A. Look (1893-1992)

2000 - Bernice FitzSimmons Hathaway (1903-1988)

2002 - Everett H. Guerink

2004 - Bonnie Lou Brittain Yorgason

2010 - Joanne Claussen

2011 - Barbara Jones Brown

2012 - Birdie Monk Holsclaw

2016 - Mary Margaret Kelly Davis (1931-2012)

2018 - Betty Summers

The 1990 award honored David S. Vogels, Jr. His contributions included serving as President of the Colorado Genealogical Society and being the founder of the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies.


The 1992 award honored Henrietta Bromwell an early Colorado Genealogist known for her books on early pioneers in Colorado. Her genealogical research notes of some forty years are in the manuscript collection of the Western History section of the Denver Public Library.


The 1994 award honored Adelaide French who served as President of the Colorado Genealogical Society seven times from 1932 to 1968. Miss French donated a collection of her diaries, genealogical papers, and research writings to Denver Public Library.


The 1996 award honored Sanford Charles Gladden and Quantrille D. McClung:

Mr. Gladden published numerous volumes and pamphlets on early Boulder history. His manuscripts and publications can be found at the University of Colorado Library and Denver Public Library.


Ms. McClung contributed to Colorado genealogy with her numerous genealogies of Colorado Governors. She worked on 3 volumes of the Carson-Bent-Boggs Genealogy and published Memoirs of My Childhood and youth in North Denver.

The 1998 award honored Alfred A. Look. Mr. Look contributed as an author of numerous books on Colorado history. His collection of manuscripts, photos and scrapbooks reside at the Museum of Western Colorado in Grand Junction.


The 2000 award honored Bernice FitzSimmons Hathaway. Ms. Hathaway served in numerous lineage and genealogical organizations in Colorado. She was President of the Colorado Genealogical Society from 1944 to 1945 and Editor of The Colorado Genealogist from 1951 to 1967. Bernice was the compiler of four family histories and was a nationally recognized expert in heraldry and heraldic art. In 1985 she was named "National Woman of the Year" by the Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America.


The 2002 award honored Everett H. Geurink, who joined the Colorado Genealogical Society in 1978 and was made an honorary life member in 1989. He was co-editor of The Colorado Genealogist with Sue Lanham in 1981, with Edward McCune in 1982, Dianne Craig in 1983, and full editor 1984 to February 1988, when he retired from The Denver Post as an photoengraver, and moved to Iowa. He was past president of the Iowa Genealogical Society and the Scott County Genealogical Society of Iowa. He co-chaired the NGS Conference in the Quad cities, and was a member of the Scott County Historical Society and the Civil War Round Table.


The 2004 award honored Bonnie Lou Brittain Yorgason, who directed the effort to establish a genealogy research area in Colorado Springs' newly opened Penrose Library in 1968. She set up the area with books and microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and recruited, trained and scheduled volunteers who worked there, as well as offering her expertise to the researchers. In 1975, when the LDS Church established their branch library in Colorado Springs, Bonnie set up the first, and still the largest, Family History Center in the city, and served as its Director until 1998. She was a charter member of the Pikes Peak Genealogical Society and served in many roles ensuring that genealogical research was not only taught in the community, but that resources were made available.


The 2016 award honored Mary Margaret Kelly Davis. View the video below for the award's celebration.


The 2018 award honored Betty Summers. Bob Larson (pictured right in group photo), President of Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies in Denver, presented the David S. Vogels award certificate to Jean Jenes, daughter of Betty Summers, recipient of the 2018 award along with Gary Davis, President of Larimer County Genealogical Society in Fort Collins. Betty Summer is shown in photo on the right side.

Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Fund and Awards

The Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Fund, established in 2010, is a tribute to the memory of noted genealogist, Birdie Monk Holsclaw. Distributions will be made to fund the following:


Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Lecture at the National Genealogical Society annual Conference.

CCGS has sponsored the following national speakers:

2011 - Jordan Jones

2012 - David McDonald

2013 - Warren Bittner

2014 - Tom Jones

2015 - Julie Miller, future

2016 - Karen Jones, future

Birdie Monk Holsclaw Memorial Scholarship. Distributions are awarded to those who have an interest in genealogy and wish to pursue genealogical related education at the Georgia Genealogical Society Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR). Application is open to all genealogists and consists of a short resume listing genealogical experience and a 150-200 word essay describing how IGHR will help advance their genealogical research skills. Deadline for Applications is October 1 each year.
Click here for the application information.

IGHR Scholarship Awarded with year attended:

2012 - Tina Sansone (Tennessee)

2013 - none (Scholarship recipent was unable to attend)

2014 - Kim Harrison (Utah)

          - Roberta "Bobbi" King (Colorado)

2015 - Laura G. Prescott (New Hempshire)

          - Shelley K. Bishop (Ohio)

Birdie Monk Holsclaw Volunteer of the Year "The Birdie Award" is given to an outstanding living individual, society, group, library, archive or other organization that has provided outstanding volunteer service to the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies or some area of genealogical service in Colorado. Nominations are due by September 1 each year.
Click here for award information
. (PDF)

Past recipients of the Birdie Award are:

2014 - Duane Kniebes, Colorado Palatines to America

  • Duane V. Kniebes, was nominated by the Colorado Chapter of Palatines to America for his outstanding individual contribution to the genealogy community in Colorado. He received the Award for his participation and leadership in the Colorado Cemetery Location Project, a joint effort of CCGS and the U.S. Geological Survey to find, GPS pinpoint, and document graves and cemeteries in all Colorado counties. As project volunteers, Duane and his wife Susan, chose Larimer County to document. Occupying 2640 square miles, Larimer County is in north-central Colorado and a fairly rural county, with plenty of burials on homesteaded ranches, now in others’ hands, mines, and ghost towns. They started with CCGS’s 1985 Colorado Cemetery Directory containing information for 69 Larimer County graves, cemeteries, and memorial markers. The Colorado Cemetery Location Project is still an active project with only 26 counties complete. Duane and Susan are now in the process of writing a three-volume history of Larimer. The book includes a thorough description of several government land laws and how dowser rods are used to locate graves and underground flowing irrigation water.

2014 - Donna J. Bishop Porter, Foothills Genealogical Society (Lakewood, CO)

  • Mrs. Donna J. Bishop Porter took her very first genealogy class in Billings Montana in 1957. She has been a faithful and active genealogist ever since. She received the very first Genealogical Certification (CG) awarded in Colorado. She has been a member of the Colorado Genealogical Society for close to 50 years. She was President in 1969-70, 2nd Vice President and program chair in 1971-73. She was editor of the Colorado Genealogist from 1970-75. She was a founding member of Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies and held the office of President. She was a charter member of Foothills Genealogical Society of which she was president and genealogist. For many years she conducted the genealogical Stagecoach Lending Library from her home. She is a 50-year member of NSDAR Peace Pipe Chapter in Denver where she was State Lineage Chair and Chapter Registrar. Donna has written books on genealogy and been an active member of a least a dozen other genealogical and historical societies in Colorado and other states. She has been sought after as a lecturer, instructor, teacher, and mentor because of her interest and understanding of genealogy.

2013 - Denver Public Library Genealogy and Western History Volunteers (Denver, CO)

  • DLP’s Western History/Genealogy Department maintains one of the most comprehensive and best genealogy library collections in the country. Additionally, the Department: Has outstanding staff and volunteers who assist researchers in finding ancestors, making connections, and learning about sources. The staff and volunteers are helpful, respectful, dedicated, and pleasant to those asking questions. Provides training and education to researchers and the public. The Department with CGS conducts monthly beginning genealogy and special interest classes. It also has a 5th Saturday class on research topics and technology classes (e.g., ancestry.com). Many of the department staff have given programs at genealogical societies; these programs have included hidden gems at Denver Public Library, newspaper research, WorldCat, and many more. Supports local genealogical societies by publicizing programs, classes, and other activities. Staff often recommend that patrons attend one of these events. Additionally, the library partners with genealogical societies for seminars and all day workshops and maintains online databases for researchers to use. Local, national, and international researchers benefit from the collections, assistance, staff, and volunteers of the Western History/Genealogy Department of Denver Public Library.

2012 - Sue K. Nichol, Fore-Kin Trails Genealogical Society (Montrose, CO)

  • Sue became the editor of the Uncompahgre Valley Chronicle in 2006; worked to establish and open a genealogical library and research center which opened in 2008 in Montrose, Colorado; she donated a computer cataloging system and cataloged all of the society's acquisitions; established the society's website in 2010; she logs 50-75 volunteer hours per month in the research center; she provides monthly lunch programs for researchers.

2011 - Jackie Glavnick, Weld County Genealogical Society (Greeley, CO)

  • Jackie was Weld County's "Genealogist of the Year" four times, and finally received their "Lifetime Achievement Award"; established the WCGS website in 2003; created the "Weld County Master Index" which contains all names that the society has extacted and indexed from various Weld County sources; since 1984 she had published 17 books pertaining to genealogy; each year she logs almost 1,000 hours of volunteer time.